Featured in Santa Cruz Waves

Liz Birnbaum, The Curated Feast founder

Liz Birnbaum, The Curated Feast founder

"There is nothing older than the connection between humans, food, and storytelling." - Liz Birnbaum, founder of The Curated Feast

Cheers! What an honor to be featured in @santacruzwaves this issue! Their latest edition dives into The Curated Feast concept and beautifully showcases our breadth of work over a multi-page spread! I'll write more later about the Botanical Imperialism mini-feast I co-created with @soifwine, but for now I want to offer deep gratitude for the folks who put their energy into making this piece beautiful.

@maramilam thank you for helping me learn to "smolder" in front of the camera. @mdugespiers thank you for showcasing my work in a beautiful light. @zorro_del_mar thank you for working with me on the concept behind this mini-feast piece and for creating a magazine which makes it all look glossy gorgeous.

Cheers to all!

To read the full piece, visit Santa Cruz Waves at ISSU.com. This article is on pages 107 - 113.