Reflections and Punch

Since we first saw our reflection, humans have been fascinated by objects and surfaces which cast our image back to us.

This week, The Curated Feast has been the recipient of some generous reflections from the press—first, it came from the article in Santa Cruz Waves, then came the honor of a cover story in the Santa Cruz based paper, Good Times Santa Cruz, who named us as one of the 6 culinary influencers (they more generously said "masterminds") working in Santa Cruz. ✨

In that article, the writer Lily Stoicheff says of The Curated Feast that:

While the breadth of fact and legend each guest is exposed and could easily stray into classroom territory, it doesn’t. [Curated Feast founder Liz] Birnbaum and a team of collaborators deftly present the educational side of each feast by wrapping it in romance.

Full article available:

And the concept of the mirror was also connected to the Feast of Fables we hosted last weekend, when we began with a botanical ice bowl and a floral and bubbly punch...served upon a magic mirror.

High Res-35.JPG

We know that the reference to Snow White (mirror, mirror...) was not lost on our savvy guests, but what they may not have known is that the viola petals floating in their cups, along with the mint and pineapple sage, were used by King Arthur and his Knights for the purpose of divination. So the divination and mirror connection arises, and reflects us back again.

And superstition has surrounded mirrors around the world throughout time. One interesting example is that Ancient Romans, who believed that life renewed itself every seven years, were the first to think that if you broke a mirror, it would somehow damage your soul until it was renewed. Another legend says that viewing a mirror by candlelight will show you your reflection ... and that of any entities inhabiting your home, ghosts or otherwise.

So be careful what you reflect... and always check who spiked the punch. (We definitely spiked this one! We included Jardesca, champagne, lemon, and muddled mint, thanks to our friend Rae of Epic Wines and Spirits),

Photos: Kyle Murphy Photography

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