The Magic of Fables

Last night's feast was MAGIC!

We began with Aphrodite's Oyster, and the tale of the Judgement of Paris. Then we looked at Cinderella in her multiple versions (The Crab and the Laurels & The Shifting of Cinders' courses) exploring the traditional Filipino version, Mayyang and the Crab, then Perrault's late 1700s version, and then Disney. And next we found Little Red Riding Hood (The Girl and the Wolf course) and the sexy, gruesome versions that once were common tales, and drawing on the storied Brothers Grimm, themselves. And finally we got to Hansel and Gretel (The Heart of the Forest course), and were reminded that the path-less woods can be a character, too. All these classic stories paired with an incredible meal and new twists on some of the oldest stories.

The magic of the evening was woven into every element because of the amazing team we worked with to produce this special Feast! Every bite was pure magic with chef Amanda of @burnhotsauce who got a standing ovation, paired perfectly by vintage vixen Rae  @raembo, poured, carried out, and artistically surrounded by @lilleaeske's talented Sarah @smfarrellmac and James, front and back of house glued together by Heather @heatherintheforest, enveloped in a wild wood created by Carra @flowersbycarra with @_vivaflora, and co-performed by Carl @carlatilano. Thank you also to @aeletterpress For the gorgeous menus, @briskventure for the stunning photos (more to come! ), and @wholefoodssantacruz our pantry sponsor for this feast, who also sent everyone home with a beautiful olive oil to continue the fairy tales at home.

So last night was indeed legendary... mythological... fabled... and utterly fantastic! Thank you all for making this dream a reality!

Liz PearComment