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Brand storytelling is no longer a nice to have. It is a need to have, and what will ultimately maximize your business’s visibility, profit, and impact.
— Celinne Da Costa for Forbes

More coming soon — stay tuned.

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Dearest Feasters,

In Fall 2018, we promised you that “there are still so many stories waiting to be told". We are here today to say that there are more coming very soon! We are going to share some big and exciting news — stay tuned!

Warmest regards,

Liz Birnbaum on 6/24/19



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Liz Birnbaum, Founder

As an outgrowth of her interests in collaborating with chefs, florists, and historians, and her love of entertaining curious friends with surprising facts and anecdotes about food, Liz Birnbaum founded the Curated Feast in the Summer of 2015. 

Liz has been dubbed a "Culinary Mastermind" by The Good Times, one of Silicon Valley Business Journal's 40 under 40, and was honored as "Foodie of the Year" at the 2017 Nexties Awards. In her decade-long career in food, she has organized the oldest and largest sustainable agriculture conference in the West, traveled to Italy as a U.S. delegate for Slow Food, interviewed farmers coast-to-coast, raised money for organic research, and tuned a party trick into a business (The Curated Feast). 

Liz has co-taught college courses on biodiversity and agriculture, botanical imperialism, and food geography. She has also curated more than a dozen exhibits, briefly co-owned a gallery, and founded a museum. She has been encouraged to explore the world for as long as she can remember, so that is what she continues to do. 

She pivoted from the first model of The Curated Feast and is now preparing the re-launch of The Curated Feast brand, anew. Stay tuned!


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