Six Santa Cruz culinary masterminds under 36

Rollin with my homies.

The Curated Feast is honored to be included in this list of Six Santa Cruz culinary masterminds under 36! Thank you Good Times Weekly and writer Lily Stoicheff!

The article notes: "there is actually a fine tradition of Santa Cruz culinary innovators." Some have left town, while others are still here. Curated Feast Advisor Jim Denevan of Outstanding in the Field is one pioneer who is still here, and we are so grateful to his trailblazing work and support of our endeavors. 

We are grateful to all who have come before us. Also, our personal long-time mentor Glenn Adelson of @thoughtstoodeepfortears taught us about botany, world history, and the power of storytelling. Thank you Glenn for your boundless enthusiasm and praise! 

And when we worked closely with @thoughtstoodeepfortears, we learned some amazing stories. As the article notes: "Once [we] saw them, [we] realized that there was an infinite thread to be pulled upon. And they made [our] experience eating and drinking, both alone and socially, way more interesting." 

Thank you to all who have participated in making this project a success! This is certainly not a solo endeavor, and we are glad to be embraced by so many in our community!

Liz PearComment