Pear-ishable history.

In the centuries of culinary history, you can only rely on a few seminal works and some random asides in poems for knowing the taste of many generations of cooks. This goes on for many centuries. Eventually you come across a seminal recipe that gives you a new window into the evolution of taste. 

One of the earliest contemporary pastry recipes is for pear pie from Taillevent In 14th century France, this recipe stands out for being quite ahead of its time. What makes this recipe so notable is that it was the first time we see that the pastry crust was intended to be eaten. It may seem obvious today, but for many centuries the pie crust was just there to cook the contents in, whether they were four and twenty blackbirds or not. Medieval pastry recipes often referred to the pastry as the "coffin".

Photo: who NAILED IT this hasselback fall fruit platter with pears and apples. 

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