Crab Season

Photo by The Curated Feast

Photo by The Curated Feast

Welcome to the Dungeness.

Ah yes, the beloved crab season is upon us and so is an exciting partnership we are launching this December with @wholefoodssantacruz!

Crab season opening is special because we have to wait until the shells have hardened to bring up the Cancer magister from watery depths. 

The name Dungeness refers to Dungeness Bay, Washington. That bay was named after the Dungeness headland in England — and a tiny coastal village on the English Channel. So this Pacific Coastal crab carries a name from halfway around the world, but some also believe the name itself means "dangerous nose" — so look out! 

And here in coastal California, it's a treat to crack into these crustaceans at a holiday feast. Stay tuned for more food origin stories through this holiday season.

And this Dungeness from Whole Foods Market comes in from Fort Bragg, California. Happy feasting! 

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