Thankfulness. Simplicity.

Like butter on toast. 

As we are reminded this week to consider what we are thankful for, we have the opportunity to relish in the simplest pleasures. And simplicity itself is worth celebrating. In an age of "what else" and FOMO, it's so important to slow down and appreciate each other's company—honoring perspectives and presence as the country pauses to feast together. 

As we gather elbow to elbow around thanksgiving and friendsgiving tables tomorrow, let's remember that breaking bread can bring us together, rather than separating us. In the past weeks, we have attended special gatherings for @civileats@thefeedfeed / @labreabakery@heatherintheforest and more. This is such a beautiful time of connection! Let the season of feasts begin! 

Happy Thanksgiving week, all.

"You are the butter to my bread and the breath to my life." – Julia Child

Liz PearComment