Smoothie Movies

Photo by The Curated Feast

Photo by The Curated Feast

Ahh, the global history of icy fruit. 

The lassi of India. The sharbats of Turkey. The fruit slush of South America. The bing soo of Korea, and the bao bing of China. There are lots of smoothie and shaved ice history threads to follow! Traced back thousands of years, shaved ice and smoothie-type drinks are not something I need to explain the appeal of. They’re sweet, perfect on a hot sunny day, and nicely placed for today’s consumer with their instagrammability.

Since we’ve had a nice run of sun and swell here in Santa Cruz, I made this yummy pomegranate + mango + coconut version and peered into the crystal ball to see the deeper origins of this yummy treat. 

The Chinese version, bao bing, was known as early as the seventh century A.D. This is one of the oldest recorded styles of shaved ice in history! 

Thanks for gazing into the smoothie crystal ball with me! I think this one looks like a mood ring to me, so can we make #moodringsmoothie a thing? After thinking so much about the past, I want to see the mood ring smoothies of the future! Ooh or what about #crystalballsmoothie? What do you want to call it?

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