Looking Forward

Photo by  @walnutavenue

Photo by @walnutavenue

Last night, I met up with some amazing and creative friends. I feel so inspired and activated, that it feels like the perfect time for a proper introduction. 

Hello! My name is Liz. I’m originally from Chicago and have been living in Santa Cruz, CA for just over 5 years. I am, at my core, a storyteller and an artist. I believe that tapping into one’s calling is a life-long process, and with @thecuratedfeast, that is the thread I am following. Indeed, food and stories are the oldest threads that bind us all.

In my 20’s I founded and managed a farm (now the @lakeforestcollegestudentgarden), an art gallery, and a virtual museum! I traveled around the US and created a photo ethnography with farmers across the country. I co-taught classes in biodiversity & agriculture, botanical imperialism, and food geography. I came to California in 2012 for a role managing the @eco.farm conference, which is the oldest and largest ecological agriculture event in the West! I’ve coordinated over a dozen art exhibits, including topics like bees, corn, and even one for Curated Feast advisor @jimdenevanof @out_inthefield.

In the book world, I am shooting a for a book on fruit tree pruning and care, right now! And I am so proud to be a published author, as well. This past fall, I co-authored a book on Santa Cruz’s food and agricultural history! I’m grateful to my brilliant co-authors (@sierrapr@jlbiergiel, & @k80hansen) and to the @santacruzmah for publishing the book! 

I’ve also been working at the Organic Farming Research Foundation (@organicresearch), where I have focused on development, which includes fundraising, marketing, and some graphic design. 📎

But with that whole rambling resume, I must admit... I’m proud of what I have put my time and energy into, but I’m MORE excited about where I’m going. And I’m especially excited about where I am going to take @thecuratedfeast. I hope you’re excited to come along for the ride! Stay tuned!

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