Pop Those Collards

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Pop those collards because yes yes y'all it's Friday! 🍃☀️😎 Although collard greens are a staple in US southern cuisine, you will also find them in the classic Ethiopian dish, Gomen Wat. These great green giants seem to stand at a cultural crossroads. But where are they actually from? 🌏

According to the Collard Green Museum in Charlotte, NC, collards come from the eastern Mediterranean originally and arrived in Jamestown, VA in the early 1600s. 🍴 But in deeper history, they were grown in the gardens of Greeks and Romans centuries ago, and were referenced by Roman poet Ovid, who wrote in Metamorphoses in 8 AD that Baucis and Philemon "didn’t know that they were entertaining Jupiter and Mercury (who were in disguise), collards and pork definitely got established as food for the gods.” —

📷 of chickpea millet burgers wrapped in collard green leaves — looks like a good for the gods to me! Photo by @earthandcity

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