1493: A Feast of Origins

The Curated Feast has grown to be my greatest calling. My lenses for the world now involve the processes I use to create a feast integrally.

When the idea arose 6 years ago, it was only a seed. Now I spend my time knitting the stories of food's origins into the fabric of a menu. Then I talk about it a lot. I chat with my advisors, friends, and especially the collaborating chef. More magic emerges in process of sharing and collaboration. Then I write a script, keeping the stories brief, informative, and hopefully memorable.

Ideally I can leave the table smiling after each visit. I come up as the dishes do, and I paint the setting for the food they are about to eat. Usually they flatter me with their applause, and to this I am still working on a graceful acceptance. It warms me up knowing that they are engaged in the Feast, and I am sure to visit the guests to answer further questions.

The feedback for this last Feast was so positive from the guests and my collaborators LionFish SupperClub. The space felt totally right, the flow was in flow, and the food was, as always, stunningly good.

Liz PearComment