Happy Spring, friends!

Happy Spring, friends!

Since launching last June, The Curated Feast has gained momentum beyond my wildest imagination. Thank you for your support! It is undoubtedly the guest who makes the feast—and if you have not yet attended, I look forward to hosting you soon. As a culinary historian, curator, and amateur botanist, I love merging these lenses into story-driven menus, lectures, and even instagram posts. Being able to share is where I find my joy.

This Spring and Summer I have some exciting projects on the horizon. Right now i'm focusing my research on the mythology and history of flowers, botanical imperialism, the history of winemaking. 

But certainly the most exciting project is that I am planning my first international feast adventure! I am far too superstitious to give you the details until I buy my ticket, but I will tell you as soon as I do! The opportunity to collaborate with an internationally renowned chef is simply a dream come true, and I am thrilled to be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Please be in touch with any ideas, questions, or general cheerleading. (General cheerleading is always welcome). I hope to see you soon! 

Warmest wishes,


photo: @lizpeartree

photo: @lizpeartree

May 22
Special Appearance at the College of Botanical Healing Arts' Flower Festival and Feast.

June 19
San Francisco, here we come! The Curated Feast is collaborating with Subtle Peach on our first traveling Feast, to be hosted at a private residence. Mark your calendars! Theme and details to come.

Events Still Brewing:
This Spring/Summer, there will probably be:

  • feasts at a restaurant (or two) and a private residence (or two!) in Santa Cruz
  • a collaboration on a farm dinner for a wonderful local non-profit
  • an event at a statewide educational institution
  • an international bike and feasting adventure

Until those things are more solid, you can take your best guesses! The first person who can guess all of the locations correctly, i'll buy you dinner.

Don't fret, if you follow us on instagram (@thecuratedfeast) and like us on Facebook, you can stay tuned between feasts, too!


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