Hey Friends

Photo by Kyle Journas

Photo by Kyle Journas

Hey friends, it’s been a while since I’ve shown my face around here (hi! that’s me on the left!)

My world has been a bit of a rollercoaster lately, with ton of amazing work that I love, as well as some really major personal/family/home life struggles. I have compartmentalized the latter — the tough stuff — far outside these little Instagram squares. I haven’t been ready to share yet, but I want to start opening up bit by bit, and I hope you’ll support me as I do. But today, I just want to start with some things I feel genuinely SO grateful for. First, I feel so lucky to be a part of the team at @alderwoodsantacruz as PR Director — working on everything from photos and social media to community outreach, events, and brand development! This role pushes me to grow on a weekly basis, and the team is all working so hard to achieve our vision! Also, I feel grateful to work so closely with @davidkinch on @thebywaterca, the @santacruzfarmersmkts on their outreach strategy, and (though slightly premature to say so...) I am excited for the projects I have simmering with @ediblemontereybay!

One drawback to all this exciting work is that I see friends almost exclusively when it’s also a work related thing. (See photo above) This photoshoot for @alderwoodsantacruz with @mckellajo, @wsgiraffe, @chefjeffreywall, and @mylesrsmith_santacruz was so much fun! Thanks @therealkilojones for capturing this moment and @cottonandryesc for these cute and cozy sweaters.

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