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Photo by The Curated Feast

Photo by The Curated Feast

It’s pretty clear that I’ve taken a break from sharing my typical food stories, here. Still, this is one lens through which I will always see the world. Each food and flower carries so many symbols and stories.

The initial idea for doing Curated Feasts was to create a didactic feast—one where the histories and symbols embedded in each element could be learned during the meal.

For over three years, this was what I did, and it was evolving, beautiful, challenging, and fulfilling... but by this past Fall, those events had run their course for me. But once I started to see these deeper stories, I could not unsee them.

When I bite into an apple, I can taste all the stories it contains; from Eden to Kazakstan, Johnny Appleseed to Amanda “Granny” Smith, the apple carries stories far beyond its weight.

So today I ask you humbly and openly: should I continue sharing these stories here? I will keep seeing the stories of the world in each plant and food, but I want to know if *you*, dear reader, value reading it or if you prefer when I share shorter facts/stories/quotes. Thank you in advance, friends! I’m so grateful for your feedback.

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