No out of office necessary

Photo by The Curated Feast

Photo by The Curated Feast

No out of office necessary.

It was exactly one year ago that I handed in a resignation letter for my last office job. It hasn’t been 365 days of perfect poolside hangs like this, but that’s what makes days like this so much sweeter!

And if you would have told me that one year later I would be sitting poolside in beautiful Savannah, GA working with @theluxurycollection and @thefeedfeed and a whole group of insanely talented creative people... well that resignation letter would have felt a lot less tricky to write.

So here’s a reminder to myself and to all of you: don’t be afraid to stand up for your worth! Thank you to everyone who has believed in me on my journey! I love you all to the moon and back.

And a special shout out to @tanagandhi for this amazing photo!! Your work blows me away, as does your sweetness! Thank you for believing in me.

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