Mornings in Iceland

Photo by The Curated Feast

Photo by The Curated Feast

Can you think of a place that you will always treasure? The bay of smoke (Reykjavík, if you translate its meaning) is one of those places for me.

I was a nerdy kid (shocking!) and I loved just saying the name of foreign places out loud. I would learn as much as I could about the people who lived there, and how they lived. I collected foreign currency from one of my uncles, who was a traveler. Getting to visit Reykjavik a year ago — last April — was like walking around in one of my childhood curiosities.

This photo was taken on my very first morning in Iceland. Over the next few days, I would meet so many incredible people and have such an adventure! This photo is my starting line.

Have you ever had arrived at a place that felt immediately familiar? What was that place, for you?

Liz PearComment