Photo by The Curated Feast

Photo by The Curated Feast


If it’s a churro waffle with whip, then yes. Yes I am waffling. But the first known waffle recipe ever penned actually instructed to use cheese! It was written in the late 14th century by (or so the text sets up)... by a husband as instruction to his young wife in Le Ménagier de Paris, which contains sexual advice, recipes, and gardening tips.

The waffle recipe reads: “Beat some eggs in a bowl, season with salt and add wine. Toss in some flour, and mix. Then fill, little by little, two irons at a time with as much of the paste as a slice of cheese is large. Then close the iron and cook both sides. If the dough does not detach easily from the iron, coat it first with a piece of cloth that has been soaked in oil or grease.”

Would you prefer your waffle savory or sweet?

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