Easter and its Symbols

Photo by The Curated Feast

Photo by The Curated Feast

Happy Easter! 

The core idea of Easter, whether you celebrate this holiday or not, is based on the idea of rebirth. Every moment we can choose to access the experience of the new. I’m excited to be working with @wholefoodsnorcal on telling the stories of Easter, this year.

From ancient fertility rituals to our solar system’s patterns, this time of year always feels like magic. The opportunity to access tales of the past is always present, but there are so many more tales than one caption can hold!

One fun legend is from Lancashire, England, where it was believed that at Easter, any broken egg shells left from their egg rolling games should be crushed afterward, or else they would be stolen and used as boats by witches. 

And according to some, the Easter bunny first arrived in the US with German immigrants who brought their traditional egg laying hare stories of “Osterhase” to Pennsylvania. Children made nests for the colored eggs the Osterhase would lay! 🥚🐇

So hop along with these new stories in your baskets and good luck on your Easter egg hunts! 

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