Memorial Day Weekend! More than just a nice long weekend, this is also the time for remembering things that make life a delight...like dunking a cookie in milk!

And actually, the history of dunking a bready thing into a liquid thing goes back (at least!) to Ancient Rome, where it was first recorded. They would soften their unleavened wafers (biscotti) by dunking them in wine. 

And cookies dipped in milk have new credibility, too, because science has now confirmed that the emulsifiers in milk actually quicken the process of getting those smooth sweet and creamy cookie flavors to your taste buds. (Proof!) 

So get in touch with your inner cookie dunker and dunk away, this Memorial Day weekend! But maybe don't get so carried away as that pizza in milk thing that was happening for an internet minute, ok? Yeah, no one needs to memorialize that one.

Liz PearComment