One Love

This image represents one of the Four Loves: the love of community. It will be shown at lille æske gallery this month. Tonight is opening night! It will also be hanging on the wall, in gilded frame, during the next Curated Feast event: Feast of Fables. We are called to know we will have this angel looking over us as we unravel tales as old as time. Image by @smfarrellmac of @lilleaeske

Why do only some stories persist while others fade? 🌙☄️

Histories are written and taught in a formal style, but myths, folk tales, and fairy tales are also passed down from generation to generation. These tales linger on the edges of civilization as crucial memories—like berries and herbs waiting to be harvested at the edge of the wood. 

As many of you step into the deep thickets and woods of political unrest, leave yourself with something better than a trail of breadcrumbs. Leave a trail of collected stories—stories told by millions of unnamed voices.

Some tales wait just until the time of need arrives. Patiently, they remain like seeds buried in the soil waiting to germinate. When they spring up, they are a powerful reminder that it is our collective responsibility to speak up.

Stand up.



Liz PearComment