Main Squeeze

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Ah, the fruit of travel and tribute.

As part of my holiday partnership with @wholefoodssantacruz, we are taking a look at my main squeeze: citrus. 

Citrus contains ascorbic acid and vitamin C. In the 19th Century, the British Royal Navy added lemon juice to sailors' daily rations, in order to ward off scurvy.

But early cultivation of citrus can be traced back 2500 years, in Asia. It was used to protect against scurvy over a century before the Brits first made the health connection. It was also used to perfume rooms and as an offering at Buddhist temples. And the Buddha's Hand citrus is revered, since it looks like a hand praying to Buddha. 

Mouth-puckering citrus was also noted in 2200 BC, in "Tribute to Yu" where the first reference to citrus is made. It is listed as one of the tributes sent to the mythical Emperor Yu. 

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