Rooted // Uprooted

Photo by Meghan Smolka for The Curated Feast

Photo by Meghan Smolka for The Curated Feast

Last weekend we hosted a Feast all about what it means to deepen into a place. We called it Rooted, and in it we welcomed nearly 60 guests to the table over two nights. We shared the stories of Santa Cruz through the lenses of the indigenous community, Spanish conquest, and the last 150 years of agricultural production (artichokes, dry farmed tomatoes, wheat, potatoes, hops, and more).

Still, while we explored our community's roots, we also held our hearts in our hands while thinking of all those communities which are uprooted or currently unable to set roots. 💌 We thought of Mexico City, Texas, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, Florida, and our North Bay neighbors who have been ravaged by tens of thousands of acres of fires.

Every community and culture is compelled to tell stories about rising again... the Phoenix, Osiris, Icanchu, and more. Let us gather together and help everyone rise again. 

Thanks to the many collaborators in this feast! @walnutavenue thank you for this beautiful photo (and more to come)! Thank you @bigbasinvineyards for partnering with us on this event and Chef @aroweculinary and event manager @heatherintheforest! Also thanks to @wholefoodssantacruz our pantry sponsor and @santacruzmountainvineyard for our delicious dessert pairing.

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