The Traveler

Photo by  @globemakers

Photo by @globemakers

"Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then it turns you into a storyteller." – Ibn Battuta

This was the refrain of Ibn Battuta nearly 700 years ago, and it is still the refrain of those who seek an adventurous and creative life today.

Ibn Batutta was a medieval traveler. He covered more than 70,000 miles by land and sea. He was born in Tangiers, Morocco in the early-1300s, and after leaving there at age 21, he explored China, Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, the Central Asian Steppes, and beyond. He even made it to the Maldives, where he acted as a judge for a year and a half. He traveled alone, not with a caravan. He did not return home to Morocco for 30 years, and his love of travel was never exhausted.

What any great traveler knows is that storytelling is as old as culture itself. In fact, stories are the basis of culture itself. There are so many stories waiting to be told. What story will we tell the world?

And a quick update! We are currently preparing for our next *sold out* feast, which is happening in less than a week from today!! In this feast, will explore the archetypal kings, magicians, warriors, and lovers throughout the world. We will take our diners through space and time, like a group of explorers set on a compass they created themselves. And this promises to be another magical journey indeed!

Who is one of your favorite travelers? Are you impressed with the tales spun by Polo, or the audacity of Bourdain? Or do you want to write your own stories?

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