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Dear Intrepid Traveler,

Come experience the ancient Silk Road through a six-course meal. We will begin in Ancient China and travel through space and time, as we move toward the promise of the West and where all roads lead: Constantinople.

Join us as we travel the storied land route with Chef Brooks Schmitt of Bruxo and our storyteller Liz Birnbaum. An edible adventure awaits you.

$130 per guest › Limited: Tickets Now Available

Light pairings provided, bottles welcome. If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know before purchasing your ticket and we will let you know if we can accommodate you.

Six-Course Menu*

Chang'An, China + millet noodle with braised short ribs, foxtail dust, tulsi basil

Uyghyr, West China + flatbread with oxtail marrow, pomegranate chutney, desert sage

Samarkand, Uzbekistan + pearled barley, grilled golden peaches, pistachios, raisins, house goat milk ricotta, fennel pollen

Rayy, Persia + chicken soup with ghondi, herbaceous broth with chickpea flour dumplings, sumac, and saffron

Baghdad, Iraq + slow cooked lamb in pomegranate molasses, farro, golden beet puree, za'atar, feijoa flowers

Constantinople, Turkey + nutmeg ricotta, candied peaches, fried foxtail, fried rosemary, aleppo chili flakes, pomegranate syrup

*Menu is subject to some evolution.

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