The Curated Feast serves a story along with each course. Here are some of the stories that previous Feasters shared with us about their experiences.


"Attending a Curated Feast is a profoundly moving experience. At first, guests are moved by the beauty of the scene laid out before them. The setting is intimate and comfortable, yet refined. Because the space has been decorated with symbols related to the theme of the feast, it holds a whisper of sacredness, the details of which are unfolded with great care over the course of the meal.

Throughout the feast, you are moved by Liz's guiding presence as she weaves stories through the flavors of each dish. She allows each guest to discover with increasing depth that each ingredient has a story, and that story has players, drama, joy and heartbreak that extends sometimes into the realm of legend—but often holds a history all too real. Because we are there enjoying the food, she explains, we are also part of that story. 

At the two feasts that I have attended, I have also been moved to boisterous laughter by one of the other guests, or moved to share deeply with the person next to me. Strangers quickly become friends at The Curated Feast. With the layers of storytelling, impeccably crafted courses and lovely wines, the dinner party feels like a fantasy, yet the result is real and powerful. Ultimately, one walks away with a greater understanding and appreciation of the movement and history of our food systems and culture, and the role we as consumers, eaters and humans play." 

— Lily Stoicheff, Feast of Botanical Imperialism + Feast of Archetypes Feaster

"From the moment we walked in, not sure what exactly to expect, until the moment we walked out, everything unfolded beautifully and magically for us. It was like a concert where everything was in perfect tune! From the gorgeous decor, to the friendly people we met, not to mention the most delicious food cooked with love, and wine pairing, all along these great historical facts and anecdotes about botanical imperialism! Wow, all was perfect! So happy to have experienced such an amazing evening, could not wish for a better time."

— Flo Dupuy, Feast of Botanical Imperialism Feaster

"It’s an accomplishment to embrace all five senses when you eat. It takes focus and diligence. But Liz Birnbaum, creator of The Curated Feast, a high-concept event series based in Santa Cruz, doesn’t just believe in slowing down to taste, smell, hear, feel and see her food. She also practices a sixth sense, if you will, which is experiencing a place in time. Her aim is to take you on this time travel, with food and drink being your mode of transport, and a group of other engaged eaters being your companions."

— Amber Turpin, 1493: Feast of Origins Feaster

"Liz brings passion and depth to the work she undertakes. Through the Curated Feast her passion for food, history, and the richness of hosting space come together in a tour de force of delivery. The evening brought all of the senses to the table and invited guests to step back in time through selected period courses, anecdotal stories and context woven in by our hostess, and a well situated backdrop and setting. I walked away from this timeless night filled with memorable moments....bravo!"

— Tim Galarneau, A Taste of Ancient Greece Feaster

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