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Photo by Erin Alderson

Photo by Erin Alderson

The Looking Glass Feast was the last feast in my three year series of events. As I’ve been saying... “maybe I’ll Ziggy Stardust back...” but for now I am closing the chapter with joy.

Over time, I have followed the shifting on the needle of my creative compass, but some factors always remained the same. The most primary of those factors is that I only worked with people whom I trusted as creatives, as managers, and as artisans. I’m so grateful that for this last feast, I got to work with an amazing team of primarily women whom I admire. I’m so grateful for each of their support of the Curated Feast vision.

The way that Chef Dare and I worked together for this feast, starting months in advance, through Skype calls and What’s App messages from halfway around the world, was a sincere pleasure. @aroweculinary is one of the greatest creative and clever people I know and I am so grateful for our friendship! Linking up with her is what made this feast truly shine.

I’m also so grateful for our hosts, @hiveandhum for opening their beautiful home to us as the venue, and for for capturing these scenes (and more!) from opening night. Thank you to everyone. My heart is singing, today, in memory of this special night!

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