The Truth Behind Biological Aphrodisiacs

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I’m bringing sexy back. Yeah. 

This aphrodisiac platter is sure to boost your libido and get your Valentine’s Day groove on—whether you’re solo or coupled (or whatever else you wanna do). 

Many aphrodisiacs have roots in exoticism and danger: sparrow’s tongues, Spanish fly, and cobra blood, for example. But our platter today has a more direct take: these foods help to biologically boost your libido—and it’s not all chocolate and oysters. THE SALMON helps your get libido revved by supplying the building blocks for both estrogen and testosterone production. 🎣 PINE NUTS and PUMPKIN SEEDS both have high levels of zinc, just like the popular aphrodisiac, the oyster. But combine those pine nuts with virility-associated olive oil, and with sacred basil which is a symbol of love, and bam, you’ve got the pesto both worlds! BASIL itself is actually a good libido-lifter biologically, including Vitamin A, C, and magnesium. 

WALNUTS are on the platter because they’ve been called an alternative to viagra. Even on (yep that’s a thing) they have a whole article on walnuts, and they strongly state that “Every man who wants to have a strong sexual health, must eat it.” The zinc, potassium, and healthy fats in walnuts also boost libido for women, too. And finally the crowning glory to this platter: CHILI PEPPERS. Beyond the capsacin itself making you sweat, chilis will make you breathe more deeply. Try some tantric breathing when you encounter this platter, and see where it takes you...

Food styling and photography by @thecuratedfeast. Prop styling and assistant styling by @christinaaverkin.

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