Photo by  @hannah__chia

Photo by @hannah__chia


Puzzling over the origin of hummus? The debate is possibly as old as the dip itself. Greeks, Egyptians, Israelis, Palestinians, and others all seek to claim it as their own.

The flavors do not need to vastly differ for one culture to claim hummus reign over the other. Some use more cumin and tahini, while others prefer sesame paste, lemon juice, garlic, or yogurt. Turkish hummus often includes butter rather than olive oil. 

The word itself is an Arabic word meaning “chickpea.” Chickpeas were consumed in ancient Palestine, and were one of the earliest crops in Mesopotamia, as well as a common food on the streets of ancient Rome. Plato and Socrates even made reference to the nutritional value of hummus in their writings.

So hummmmm. Which way do you eat your hummus? 

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