Every apple has a story. 

Photo by Liz Birnbaum, The Curated Feast

Photo by Liz Birnbaum, The Curated Feast

In Latin, the words for apple ("malum") and evil ("malum") are essentially identical. This is what influenced the apple becoming the biblical forbidden fruit.

The Apple is temptation and danger—and simultaneously it is a prize, perfect health, and the sacred feminine. All of these associations coexist in every juicy, crunchy, crisp bite. 

The apple spans all of human storytelling. The Tree of Knowledge bears fruit for Eve just as it does for the gravitational Isaac Newton. It offers eternal life for King Arthur and Merlin (Avalon) as well as Norse goddess Idun, whose golden apples provide eternal youth

The Apple is truly an inescapable icon. What does it symbolize to you?

Liz PearComment