Fervent // Silicon Valley's 40 Under 40

Photo by KNM Portraits

Photo by KNM Portraits

Fervent. 🔥 This word comes from the mid 14th Century "fervens", which very literally meant "glowing". 🔥 It later became the more figurative word as we know it today, and it is now often used as a synonym for "impassioned."

On #WorldEnvironmentDay I remember my fervent passion for exploring history and geography, and how it has led me down a brilliantly firey path toward more deeply exploring food! Camping out of this sweet 1952 Airstream for the last 5 days reminded me to pause and just focus on the dish physically at hand—not the digital one. In this reflection, I remember that I have dedicated nearly a decade of my career to food and agriculture—working in roles from farmer to table setter. Finding nature through all of my senses has changed my life. 🔥

🌟And *breaking news*! 🌟I was just named one of Silicon Valley Business Journal's 40 under 40. (The article was posted this morning!) I am so honored to be chosen, and was thrilled when the first thing they asked of me was to name someone who inspired me up close—ok, so not Beyoncé.  Well, @thoughtstoodeepfortears, that is you. From first meeting you and talking about Vermeer nearly a decade ago, to now watching you travel around the world seeking wildflowers, you have helped me find a fervent love for the environment. Thank you. 

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