A Feast of Botanical Imperialism: Event Recap and Shouts of Love

With this last Feast, we romanced ourselves! We presented this Feast of Botanical Imperialism with Jessie Flo of Subtle Peach in the chef's own beautiful courtyard in the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood in San Francisco.

Every Curated Feast has felt like magic. For this one, the magic was in the atmosphere itself.

The light was perfect. The food was inspiring our taste buds. The Feasters were exuberant. And so we laughed together, toasted, and shared stories about the history of the world through the lens of plants. This is the best kind of atmosphere to discuss such a heady and tough topic as botanical imperialism. 

Here is the menu from the evening:

Each course was paired with a story. It is such a pleasure to learn the deeper stories behind a meal as you eat the foods that are being discussed. This is learning in a multi-sensory way. This is learning in community. We hope to see you at the table soon.

Now a series of gratitudes—because each Feast does not occur in a vacuum! Each one is made under the care of so many talented humans.

Thank you to Victoria Smith Photography for bringing your amazing talents—your keen eye for special moments with a special vantage point. You are magic too. We can hardly wait to see the film!

Thank you to Flowers by Carra for bringing local, farm-fresh blooms, leaves, pods, and fruits to the table. Literally, you brought so much beauty and we can only say thank you from the bottom of our sweet pea loving hearts.

Thank you to artist Lauren Aczon for making the name cards with a tiny baby strapped to you and talent flowing freely from your fingertips!

Thank you to Danielle, Will, and Brynn who worked tirelessly the whole afternoon and evening to serve up the flavors, the vibe, the love. We love you guys!

Thank you to Woods Beer Co. and Epic Wines and Spirits for partnering with us and keeping the table so so so happy.

And last but certainly not at all least is Jessie Flo and Subtle Peach who helped co-present the affair—you brought flavor and panache to each dish—delighting every guest's palate. You rose to this challenge both leading into the event and during, and you knocked it out of the park! We are forever in awe of you and grateful for your work. 

After that we should probably change our name to the love and gratitude feast... hey, maybe we will! 


Liz Birnbaum

Liz PearComment