Sexy Self Love Menu and Recap


On Thursday evening, February 18, Liz Birnbaum of the Curated Feast was the "Mistress of Ceremonies" for an event called Sexy Self-Love. She took the group on a journey through the history of aphrodisiacs. She began with Aphrodite, herself, the Goddess of Love. Before the event she worked with the super-talented Chef Hedy Nochimson of Plate & Bottle Supper Club to work in aphrodisiacs from throughout history, and to use each dish as an introduction to each of the three speakers.  Some highlights from the menu include:

Course 1: The Courage Tart. The tart contained elements thought of as aphrodisiacs in Shakespearean times, particularly pumpkin, wine, apple, date, cinnamon, clove, and ginger. It was topped with gold leaf and a crystalized pansy flower. The pansy was known as "Cupid's Flower" and in A Midsummer Night's Dream is included in a love potion. 

Course 2:  The Epicurean's Viagra. In the clam shell was a mi cuit salmon, providing protien (for stamina) and omega-3 (for seretonin elevation and mood). The salmon was topped with a spicy pumpkin seed pesto, bringing the elements of zinc (present in pumpkin seeds but most famously present in oysters), basil (historically a key aromatic symbol of love, but including libido boosting vitamins as well), and spicy pepper (which serves the purpose of helping us breathe deeper, open blood vessels, and tune into our own sensations). 

Course 3: Netflix and Chill (By Yourself). The dish was designed to embody self-pleasure principles, and to engage all of our senses. No utensils were given for the guests during this course because, as Liz explained: "I'll let Amy tell you how to handle the utensils." And with that, our final speaker was Amy Baldwin, owner of Pure Pleasure Shop came up and shared her know;edge about new toys, tools, and techniques.

Course 4: Chocolate! Delectable, vegan, raw chocolates made by Becky Potter of Pure Heart Chocolate. The chocolates also were presented with stories about their ingredients, which included rose, cardamom, fig, pomegranate, and papaya!

Special thanks to Santa Cruz Socialites, who brought all the elements together for a spectacular feast! 

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