There are so many stories waiting to be told.

The Curated Feast explores the world — traveling through time and space to uncover the hidden histories and mythologies of the foods we eat. We partner with chefs to curate these stories into a unique dining experience. Each feast is a delicious opportunity to learn more about the world through the lens of food. 

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We are motivated by a love of story.

We all are. Stories are as old as culture itself. They are the vehicle for us to build community, to honor our past, and to build a brighter future. Stories make us feel vibrant and alive. Come to the Feast and we will share some unforgettable stories with you.

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Like a concert in perfect tune.

One guest complimented us, saying:

"From the moment we walked in, not sure what exactly to expect, until the moment we walked out, everything unfolded beautifully and magically for us. It was like a concert where everything was in perfect tune!  So happy to have experienced such an amazing evening, could not wish for a better time."

— Flo Dupuy, Feast of Botanical Imperialism Feaster

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Our photographers include: Elizabeth Hodges, Victoria Smith, Kyle Murphy, Victor of Valencia, and Elizabeth Birnbaum.